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Chris Buenik Wins Bathtub Slip and Fall Case

In Peacock v. Beautiful Finishes et al., 14 L  9059, the plaintiff alleged she slipped in her bathtub due to the lack of a non-slip surface on the bathtub floor.  The court granted summary judgment based upon the argument that Beautiful Finishes’ work was not the proximate cause [...]

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John Moroney Gives Presentation at the Association of General Contractor’s 95th Annual Convention in Las Vegas

John Moroney gave a presentation on March 6 and 7, 2017 at the Association of General Contractor’s 95thannual convention. The speech was entitled "Risk Management Principles Guaranteed to Reduce Injury Litigation Costs." Clients and friends of Franco & Moroney may contact Mr. Moroney directly if they would like copies [...]

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Chris Buenik Bars Plaintiff’s Damages at Trial

In Antosiak v. R.W. Dunteman Company, et al., 12 L 10430, the plaintiff, a Department of Aviation employee at Midway Airport, alleged that he drove into an excavation that was not barricaded and suffered permanent injuries.  Co-defendant Sheffield Safety filed a counterclaim for breach of contract/indemnity against R.W. Dunteman.  After the [...]

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