Chris Buenik Bars Plaintiff’s Damages at Trial

In Antosiak v. R.W. Dunteman Company, et al., 12 L 10430, the plaintiff, a Department of Aviation employee at Midway Airport, alleged that he drove into an excavation that was not barricaded and suffered a neck injury that required an urgent neck fusion and discectomy in order to avoid neurological injury.  Co-defendant Sheffield Safety filed a counterclaim for breach of contract/indemnity against R.W. Dunteman, who was represented by Chris Buenik, a partner of Franco Moroney Buenik.  The plaintiff demanded $800,000.00 on the first day of trial, which was reduced to $500,000.00 on the second day of trial.  After the court barred the plaintiff from presenting opinion testimony concerning safety requirements related to the excavation, and holding that the neck surgery was not causally related to the accident, the plaintiff, by agreement, voluntarily dismissed his case, and later accepted a global settlement of $40,000.00.

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