In Vargas v. Charter Steel Trading Co., Inc. v. Overhead Material Handling Illinois, Inc. et al., the Plaintiff alleged that while repairing the electrical wiring of a crane, he came into contact with an energized lug nut causing significant injuries.  Charter Steel, the owner of the crane, filed a third-party complaint against Overhead Material Handling based upon Sec. 411 of the Restatement of Torts for negligent hiring of the plaintiff’s employer, Iron Horse, who was subcontracted by Overhead Materials to perform maintenance of the crane.  In granting summary judgment based upon a finding that Overhead Material owed no duty to the plaintiff, the court found that Charter Steel was barred from pursuing a negligent hiring claim under the recent precedent set forth in Carney v. Union Pacific R. Co., 2016 IL 118984, 412 Ill.Dec. 833 (2016). No appeal was filed.